package rmi

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Type Members

  1. class PickyClientSocketFactory extends SslRMIClientSocketFactory

  2. class PickyServerSocketFactory extends SslRMIServerSocketFactory

    To use specific keystores/truststores, provide your own initialized with the stores.

  3. class RmiClient extends Log

    Exceptions thrown

    ConnectException check that the registry is running

    ConnectIOException check SSL settings

  4. class RmiImpl extends RmiInterface with Log

  5. trait RmiInterface extends Remote

  6. class RmiServer extends Closeable with Log

    Create a keystore with: keytool -genkey -alias rmi -keyalg RSA -validity 9999 -keystore keystore.key

Value Members

  1. object RmiClient

    Used to stop the server over RMI.

    Used to stop the server over RMI.

    The server is assumed to have been started elsewhere using RmiServer.start().

    Init scripts can for example use something like "java -jar app.jar com.mle.rmi.RmiClient stop" to stop the server.

  2. object RmiRegistry extends Log

  3. object RmiServer

  4. object RmiUtil

    The security policy and/or the java.lang.SecurityManager must be installed BEFORE logback is used.